Thursday, December 27, 2012

Powerman Zofingen's 25th year!

Hard to believe its been 25years for this iconic duathlon. I remember when this race had the biggest payday of any multisport competition IM Hawaii included. All the big names came out for this brutal test! Thanks to everyone on the PM staff who has helped to resurect this great race! Our hats are off to you! Zofingen is duathlon hallowed ground :) Cool new website layout too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I bet Santa rides one of these :)

Hope everyone out in Duathlonland had a great Xmas! I ran in near white out conditions this morning and I am now sitting here salivating at the thought of having one of these to ride instead of the dreaded indoor trainer tonight. Does anyone out there want to donate $1700 to Duathlon News for R&D? I promise to post a great review ;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Say it aint so!

Well, from what I can gather from this article Joerie Vansteelant is defecting to the dark side. He's started swimming and is doing the Hawaii IM in 2015! Duathlon may be losing another great one :(

Friday, December 14, 2012

In anticipation of icy weather. Enter the "Screwshoe"

Ok, get your minds out of the gutter;)

Winter Training. The Bike.

Those of us who live in snowy regions can at times find it difficult to bike outdoors but depending on how adventurous you are it can be done.
The proper wardrobe is crucial if one is to cycle outside during the colder months. Winter cycling gear can be expensive but do some searching around on places such as ebay or bikenashbar and you can find some good deals.
Ok, here is my list of cycling essentials for winter riding.
1. Good base layer clothing (Craft etc....)
2.Windproof tights (bib style will keep you warmer)
3.Winter weight long sleeve jersey
4.Windproof insulated jacket
5.Lobster type insulated and windproof gloves.
7.Neoprene insulated shoe covers
8.You may also want to invest in some bib knickers and an insulated vest for those not so cold days too.
Layering is important, I have found that a few lighter layers is much better than one heavy layer.
As far as you choice of bike, I feel that either a cyclocross style or mountain bike works best for me. The speeds are slower and tires have more traction for bad road conditions. A lighting system both front and rear are good ideas as well unless you plan on riding only during daylight hours.
Even with all of the gear above, some days its just too cold and miserable to get out and ride so thats where an indoor trainer comes in to play. You can go as simple or elaborate as you like in this department but it is a valuable training tool for a cold weather athlete.
I wish you luck in your training this winter season!

Winter Training. The Run

Now that a large portion of the US is headed for the deep freeze of winter I thought it may be nice to throw out a few winter training tips for us in the northern climes.
Just because its darker and colder doesn't mean you have to give up your outdoor training runs, if you dress properly and use some common sense even the coldest temperatures are tolerable.
Your wardrobe is key this time of year so a few wise investments in clothing can make all the difference.
Here is what is in my winter running closet.
1. Windproof lightweight jaket.
2. Running tights.
3. Long sleeve shirt.
4.Sleeveless base layer.
5.Windproof briefs (very important:)
6. Stocking cap.
7. Balaclava.
8.Lightweight windproof gloves.
9.Windproof over mittens for really cold days.
10.Trail running shoes with good traction for snowy days.
11.Headlamp for those first 20 or so minuets of my run that is dark.
I combine different layers depending on the outdoor temperature and have used this method with good success for many years.
The only way I dont run outside is if it is well below zero with a fierce wind or if its too icy for good footing.
I know much of this is common sense but just thought Id share my experience.
Good luck in your training!

Some late breaking news for our Euro friends.ETU Powerman Duathlon Championships to act as qualifier for World Games in Cali (COL)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plan ahead for Powerman Zofingen 2013.

A little bit of "hel" in Belgium

For any of you hearty souls out there here is a bit of offroad duathlon insanity in Belguim on the 23rd.